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Books January 8, 2010

Posted by futurenightnurse in Student Life.
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134 days.

After tuition, rent, and food, books are the next biggest money eater. My first semester of nursing school I think I paid over $1000 for books alone! That includes books for: Fundamentals, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Physical Examination, Clinical Skills, Gerontology, Neuman’s, Nursing Diagnoses, Manual for Diagnostics & Labs, Med Reference, Nursing Dictionary, plus ATI package. (Phew! Did I miss anything?) I want to say I spent about $2000 total, including PDA, PDA software, uniforms, shoes, and supplies… Luckily, the so-called starter package was meant to be used throughout the program with only a couple more textbooks each subsequent semester.

You may or may not have to buy 3 boxes of books like I did. (Yes, there literally were 3 boxes!) Go to your bookstore before classes start to beat the rush! Here are a few other tips:

Tip #1
Buy used. If available. (That’s a big DUH!) However, I’ve found that nursing books are hardly ever available used, since nursing students do tend to use their books through the program. Which leads me to…

Tip #2
Don’t sell your book back unless you’re absolutely, positively sure you won’t need it again. I know people who sold their books back only to be sorry later… If anything, ask an instructor or another student who’s further along in the program. (But I still think your best bet is to keep the books!)

Tip #3
This one goes back to tip #1. Check out online prices. Personally, I prefer Amazon.com. Remember, online textbook shopping is not without its drawbacks. In addition to checking out the seller’s rating, I always check out how far they live from me and how fast the shipping is going to be. No way I want to be without my book on the first day. (Believe me, you will need your books the first day.)

Anyway, I have my book list… thanks to my university bookstore’s online service! I have the ISBNs and I am off to Amazon.com to compare the prices. Then on Monday I’m going on campus to see what they have available used!

Any tips you want to add?