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study aids January 9, 2010

Posted by futurenightnurse in Student Life.
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133 days till graduation. If I make it through with my sanity intact.

My program has us doing ATIs. The last proctored ATI exam I took was the RN-Comprehensive, which projected I will do well on the NCLEX… but I’m not satisfied. I’ve heard that ATI doesn’t fully prepare you for the labyrinth that is NCLEX. How can it?

I was at Borders today looking through all the NCLEX review materials they had. Three bookcases filled with nursing and medical books and boxes of notecards all haphazardly shelved together. There was no order. None, as far as I could tell. I looked through them… Saunders, Mosby, Kaplan, etc. Where do I start? What’s best?

I bought a Kaplan NCLEX-RN strategies book.

There is an optional case studies class I enrolled in this coming semester. It should help with content and critical thinking. Previous students have dubbed it “NCLEX prep”… I hope it lives up to the nickname.

My next step? Find a good box of pharm flashcards.


1. Teeny - January 17, 2010

I would highly recommend Saunders’ NCLEX review materials of any kind! It incorporates both content review and tons of practice questions, and the rationales for the questions are very helpful.

futurenightnurse - January 18, 2010

Thanks so much Nurse Teeny! =)

2. mindexplosion - January 24, 2010

My mom graduated last May and swore by Kaplan. Passed the NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions too. I’ll definitely be getting that too =]

futurenightnurse - January 24, 2010

Congrats to your mom!
I’ll be reading thru the Kaplan book during my free time (haha “free time”), but we’ll be using Saunders in my NCLEX prep class. I’ll take all the help I can get. =)

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