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I have homework… January 20, 2010

Posted by futurenightnurse in Student Life.
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.. and my nursing classes don’t even start till Monday.

I now have all the textbooks I ordered from Amazon… All I need is a Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN. Apparently it’s the book for our NCLEX review class. It wasn’t listed at the bookstore, but it’s on the syllabus. The same syllabus that was posted just today. Go fig. But that’s ok. I don’t have syllabi for my other nursing classes. I’ll take a look at what they have at the bookstore tomorrow. (I may just order from Amazon again.)

Anyway, I have some work to get done. I want to get ahead… because I have a feeling if I DON’T stay above water, I’m going to D-R-O-W-N this semester.



1. kimcheegirl - January 21, 2010

Love love LOVE your graduation countdown!!!

I totally had to come check out your new blog. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to read more so i can compare your school to mine. I like my instructors and all, but usually only AFTER I pass the class. LOL!

futurenightnurse - January 23, 2010

Thanks! You mean the countdown isn’t annoying? LOL =P
I wish I’d started a blog like this sooner so I could see how I’ve “grown” as a student nurse. haha Oh well. Better late than never!

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