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Ready… or not. January 28, 2010

Posted by futurenightnurse in Mommy stuff, Student Life.
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I have my paperwork turned in: health clearance, BLS card, malpractice insurance. I even have my badge. My scrubs are clean and neat, my shoes ready to go. I should be able to start my preceptorship tomorrow. BUT I’m putting it off till next Friday.


My daughter has a really important test tomorrow and I just have to be here in the morning when she wakes up; make sure she gets a good breakfast (not some sugary mess she sometimes sneaks by her grandma lol); and give her lots of hugs and kisses and tons of encouragement. =)

Kids first.
Career next.
Me last.

Some of my classmates don’t understand… but then again, they don’t have kids. The other part of me feels like I’m letting myself down. After all, I got all my stuff ready right away. I had a head start because I took initiative by getting in touch with the right people. I have a site and a preceptor (and a designated day–every Friday), while others don’t even know where they’re going. And now I am choosing to put it off… doesn’t seem to make sense when I put it that way. All I know is that I can make up those hours for my preceptorship. Can I make up the hours I lose with my daughter?

Just some thoughts this morning.


1. travelistarn - January 28, 2010

what a great mom! i am sure your daughter will appreciate all the small sacrifices you’ve made for her over the years.

i am in my late 20s and am just now fully realizing all the things my parents have sacrificed for me. even now, they let me move back home so i can change careers into nursing.

accidentally stumbled across your blog while searching for nursing student blogs – hope you don’t mind if i add you to my blogroll.

futurenightnurse - January 29, 2010

Aww thanks. =)

2. mindexplosion - January 28, 2010

your family always comes first.
the preceptorship will still be there.

you rock!

futurenightnurse - January 29, 2010

I am so lucky they let us set our own hours for it this semester! A “regular” clinical would be harder to make up.

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