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The Graduate May 26, 2010

Posted by futurenightnurse in Uncategorized.

Well… I did it! I’m just waiting on my grades to come in from 3 more classes, but I am 99% sure I passed. Two classes I was hecka worried about turned out to be one A and one B… so yeah.

Graduation was great, but the Pinning Ceremony was even better! (I went to both.) I didn’t cry, but I was close to it. You guys, it was so beautiful. I wish I could explain, but just hearing from the faculty speakers and our student speaker. Seeing pictures of fellow students from the last 3 years… hearing my classmate sing a song she wrote for our pinning. *sigh* It was the best ever!

Of course now it’s 3 days in to the new week. I’ve just gotten my ATT (authorization to test). Thank you, Pearson Vue. I haven’t scheduled my NCLEX yet because I am so freaking worried about WHEN to do it!!! What if I’m not ready? Eek! I ended up choosing Kaplan over Hurst or ATI. I start next week. I am also using Saunders to review content… I still have my ATI books and access to my ATI tests. It is so nerve-racking! Not to mention all my relatives are asking when I’m going to take the NCLEX. haha no pressure…

I’ve also started applying. How discouraging to hear about how bad it is for 2010 grads. I just wanna tell the newspapers and the news media to shove it. lol Oh well. Thanks to some savings, I can survive for a couple of months… maybe three without a job. After that I’ll be relying on the mercy of God. And my parents. Ahhhh kinda sad…

Anyway, I am going to stay positive. Optimism is not my strong point, but I will try my best. Hopefully I can chronicle the ups and downs on this blog? I know it’s been neglected over the last couple of months, but that’s part being busy and part being kinda embarassed of how stressed out I was. For some reason nursing students are supposed to have it all together, but I felt for a while that I didn’t. Let me tell you, I was stressed the eff out!!! I was literally going from deadline to deadline. There was hardly any down time. I am soooo glad that’s over… Or is it?

Still have much studying to do! First… make a schedule.


1. b-bot - May 27, 2010

Congratulations!!! (And don’t be too cool to accept some help from your parents if you need too . . . you’ll get a job before too long!)


2. wilomis - June 1, 2010

Prepare for the wrath of NCLEX… the NCLEX is like a bear after hibernation carrying an uzi while riding a shark that just missed lunch. Oh and the shark has lazers..

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