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PDA software January 13, 2010

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I’ve had my PDA since the start of nursing school… uh, because they told us we’d need it. Not so much though. It’s been collecting dust in its box for the past year. But now that I’m starting my preceptorship, I will no longer have the luxury of looking up my patient the night before for patho, labs, and meds. I thought it would be nice to have something at my fingertips.

I looked up PEPID online. That’s the software they required us to have for a year. Little did I know that after the sub was up, all that info would be gone. Sayonara. Hasta la bye-bye. Grrr…

I did not renew due to the steep price and my empty pockets. Needless to say I still do not feel like forking over another hundred or so, especially for a program that is going to be oh-so temporary.

Amazon.com has some PDA software, mostly drug books or lab/diagnostics. The price is decent. The info will not disappear on me in 12 months’ time… however, I will only get what I pay for. That is, it’ll be a digital drug book or a diagnostics book for PDA.

The beauty of PEPID is the “comprehensive clinical information” it provides. But oh the cost! Would it be worth it? I was salivating a bit over PEPID’s Critical Care Nursing Suite. Then again…

$89.95 for 6 months. $149.95 for 12 months. Yikes!

Do you use a PDA? What software do you use and do you find it useful?

study aids January 9, 2010

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133 days till graduation. If I make it through with my sanity intact.

My program has us doing ATIs. The last proctored ATI exam I took was the RN-Comprehensive, which projected I will do well on the NCLEX… but I’m not satisfied. I’ve heard that ATI doesn’t fully prepare you for the labyrinth that is NCLEX. How can it?

I was at Borders today looking through all the NCLEX review materials they had. Three bookcases filled with nursing and medical books and boxes of notecards all haphazardly shelved together. There was no order. None, as far as I could tell. I looked through them… Saunders, Mosby, Kaplan, etc. Where do I start? What’s best?

I bought a Kaplan NCLEX-RN strategies book.

There is an optional case studies class I enrolled in this coming semester. It should help with content and critical thinking. Previous students have dubbed it “NCLEX prep”… I hope it lives up to the nickname.

My next step? Find a good box of pharm flashcards.