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Study, study, rest… then study some more June 7, 2010

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So after I got all excited about studying daily I actually did it! Well, for four days… After that I was burnt out. I’m talking: online Kaplan lectures, reading the book, answering questions, and going over rationales… then reading some more. Yeahhh… not to mention my internal clock is set to wake up at 6:00 (sometimes 5:30!!!) no matter what. I was studying till lunch, watching an hour of TV, reading a little more, then taking a nap till my kids got home from school. (Yes, I take naps.) After dinner, I had my Kaplan class. NOT FUN. Don’t get me wrong, studying was going well, Kaplan was great… it’s just that I couldn’t continue that pace by the fifth day! I need a new plan…

Oh, by the way!!! Here is a tip: Take Kaplan with a friend or two! Seriously! I was lucky because most of the people there were from my graduating class, so there was no initial shyness… no worries about looking stupid for giving the wrong answer. It was easier to ask questions in class. It was awesome! Contrast that to a class I had to make up with the majority students from a “rival” school. Awwwwkward. They’re nice I’m sure, but I felt like they weren’t critical thinkers… hard to explain. Unlike my peeps, they didn’t really talk through the questions… and puh-leeze, how can you NOT know that Tylenol is potentially hepatotoxic?

lmao maybe I’m a little biased…

Anyhoo…  I gotta go. It’s almost naptime. =)