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Nursing Student Survival Pack January 25, 2010

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I expected it to be a long ass day today, but I really had no idea. I wish I’d put together a small survival pack… in it I think I’d put the following:

– food (nuts, granola bars, MREs… jk)
– brown paper bag
– bottle of ibuprofen
– coffee, coffee, coffee
– red robin – aka: in/out cath (haha ok not really)

So basically my day starts at 11:00 and ends at 5:00. Not bad, you say? Ha! Genius that I am, I did NOT schedule any breaks in between. My classes are literally back to back!

11:00 to 1:00
1:00 to 3:50
4:00 to 5:15

Ok ok so there’s 10 minutes between class B and class C… it’s not enough! I really need to start packing my lunch so I’m not starving by the time I get home. Yikes. You’d think I’d have this student thing down by now…

What would you include in your “survival pack”?

I have homework… January 20, 2010

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.. and my nursing classes don’t even start till Monday.

I now have all the textbooks I ordered from Amazon… All I need is a Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN. Apparently it’s the book for our NCLEX review class. It wasn’t listed at the bookstore, but it’s on the syllabus. The same syllabus that was posted just today. Go fig. But that’s ok. I don’t have syllabi for my other nursing classes. I’ll take a look at what they have at the bookstore tomorrow. (I may just order from Amazon again.)

Anyway, I have some work to get done. I want to get ahead… because I have a feeling if I DON’T stay above water, I’m going to D-R-O-W-N this semester.


Free Parking January 12, 2010

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130 more days till I don that cap and gown.

I finally got my arse down to school and got my TB skin test done. The nurse thanked me for coming in early. Their busiest time are the first 2 weeks of school when everyone is scrambling for their health clearance. I laughed. I told her it was the exact thing I was trying to avoid.

It was kinda nice not being a noob nursing student. People treat you differently when they know you’re farther along in the program. Anyway, we talked about the toughness of some people’s skin… and getting that needle just so. I don’t know what it is with me and my fascination of watching the bleb form. I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign I was meant to be a nurse.

Since I was already on campus, I went ahead and bought my parking pass for the semester. The very last one in my undergrad life! (Whether or not I return for a graduate degree is another story.) I forgot to check if my syllabi were ready at the bookstore/copy center. I’ll have to check on Thursday.

Parking this week: Free
TB skin test: $5
Spring 2010 parking pass: $68
Knowing it’s my last semester: Priceless

Getting ready… January 10, 2010

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132 days till graduation. A week and a half till I go back to school.

I ordered my books online today. I can’t remember the last time I did that… but I can definitely recall WHY I don’t normally shop online for my textbooks. I hate waiting! 

Another downside is that I won’t get to start reading before classes start. When you’re in nursing school, they throw you right in. The intro, if one exists, is often abbreviated. Take out your syllabus. Look over it. Honor code, class objectives, grading, tentative schedule. Any questions? No? Let’s proceed. In most of my classes you’re expected to already have read the syllabus, having printed it out or bought it from the bookstore.

PowerPoint slides for the lecture should already be printed out and ready. Nobody really bothers about taking roll, because at this point in the game nobody dares to miss the first class. I did once have an instructor who had her first class before school was even technically in session for the semester. Those who did not get the memo were pretty much SOL.

Anyway, I’m going on campus tomorrow to pick up my syllabus. While I’m at it, I should probably buy a parking permit and get my TB skin test.

Ooh, how exciting!