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*cough cough cough* March 24, 2010

Posted by futurenightnurse in General.
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I think I’m sick again. Dangit! I mean, I’m not even sure I got completely better the last time. Of course, I didn’t make a follow-up appointment (silly me with all my free time and all). For weeks I’ve just felt like there’s this stuff that I can’t clear from my throat (I know, eww gross, tmi. But you’re nursing students you’ll get over it.) Anyway, so yeah the only way to really clear it is to cough. Lately though, I’ve had a sore throat and I’m thinking it’s from all the “coughing”… then I developed a dry cough and now my chest hurts from coughing. *sigh* So it’s off to see the doctor tomorrow.

I know I haven’t really posted much lately. I need to jot down my ideas of things I could write about so I don’t totally space out the next time I sit in front of my computer, and then end up writing about my phlegm like I just did. (haha sorry) I did listen to my own lungs (though I’m not sure how effective that is) and they sounded fine.

This is it for now. I am going to make a to-do list for tomorrow and end my night with some reading. I hope you are all well.


1. Itsjustme - March 25, 2010

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! I completel understand what you are going through (phlegm and all) I am just getting over a bad case of bronchitis myself. UGH! I m so sick of coughing!!

futurenightnurse - March 27, 2010

Thanks hun! After talking to my doctor, she thinks I would benefit from Singulair. I have asthma that’s usually controlled but the pollen lately. Bleccch! So the Singulair should help with that. She also gave me a week’s worth of prednisone. I could tell there was a BIG difference the first day!!! I am not coughing as much and I can breathe! Yay!

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